Sunday, 26 February 2017

What is Warbrand?

What exactly is Warbrand?

Warbrand is a bit of a throwback to the split screen games you would play with on the couch with your friends. Warbrand is a split-screen PvP arena game, which offers different characters to play as, each character having a completely different playstyle. Each character is balanced on an individual basis, not as part of a team, so no matter which character you play as, you will always have a fighting chance against every other character.

Currently, we have four characters:

  • Paige, a jetpacking security officer, equipped with a shotgun. Paige's playstyle is a pick-your-spots style, focusing on watching and waiting for the most opportune moment before striking. Her shotgun is the most powerful weapon in the game in terms of single-shot damage, but the fire-rate ensures that she cannot completely overpower her opponents without taking this playstyle into account.
  • Leeroy, a riot-control brute, equipped with a hardlight sword and shield. Leeroy's playstyle is to run in and destroy. For those new to the game, or those looking for a brute to play as, Leeroy is your guy. Leeroy's hardlight shield, combined with the fact he has the largest health pool in the game makes him a force to be reckoned with for those unprepared. Leeroy can deal out the most Damage Per Second, but he has to chase down his targets first!
  • Quark, the home-security engineer, bringing all his favourite toys. Quark has no combat experience, making him the weakest of the four combatants. What Quark lacks in toughness, however, his machines make up for him. Quark comes to battle with his multitool, which is able to deliver a focused heat beam, as well as push his opponents back. He also comes with multiple automatic-turrets, a lethal electric trap, and flying cameras to spy on his opponents.
  • Zeph, the silent assassin. Zeph comes to the battlefield hoping to never be seen, and to manipulate his opponents to his advantage. Zeph has the ability to teleport, including through walls and platforms. Zeph can also hook his opponents, pulling them to him, manipulating their position on the battlefield. Combined with a smoke screen and poison dart, Zeph has the ability to kill without ever taking damage himself.
Warbrand also comes with multiple different game modes to play with, as well as team play. 

If you don't have any friends (don't worry, we don't either), there is AI to play with. This AI is made to act like a human player, and will play as such, so you don't have to worry about playing against something that is very obviously a machine. Warbrand will be your new friend!

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